A sustainable place to work

Positioned on former farm land, Hartnoll Business Centre is set in the countryside beside convenient transport links. Given our farming heritage, we are continually finding ways to become a greener, healthier place to work.

Hartnoll Business Centre produces all of its own renewable energy and water onsite. This is possible thanks to the solar panels positioned on the office roofs, and the onsite anaerobic digestion (AD) plant. The plant facilitates the controlled breakdown of organic matter in a large closed dome to produce odour-free biogas and fertiliser. The biogas is used to power the Business Centre while the fertiliser is used on the surrounding farmland.

The Business Centre also benefits from its own private borehole. This means all of the water supplied is sourced from the ground beneath it, further reducing waste and carbon emissions.

Employees can also benefit from the onsite gym and nearby golf course. There are also beautiful walks along the nearby canal and through farmland into Tiverton.

Convenient. Connected. Eco-friendly.